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Our Herd

Kim Warner

Kim Warner, co-founder and Executive Director of Hope thru Hooves, has a B.S. in Zoology, M.A. in Organization Management and will complete her M.A. in Education in 2018. As a special education teacher, she gained a great understanding of the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of the children and families in the community. Life long horsemen, Kim and her husband Scott, recognized the power of the horse to help people learn critical skills needed to navigate through life. Together they founded Hope thru Hooves with the dream of providing experiential learning and psychotherapy services to help individuals and the community become stronger. Kim and Scott also provide rescue and rehabilitation for horses in need. Kim now works at Hope thru Hooves full-time, dedicating herself to growing the organization and providing high quality services at minimal or no charge to women, children, families and veterans who need a safe, engaging, encouraging, and positive experience that has the power to change lives.