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Programs & Services

  • A youth development program centered around horses. Learning basic horse knowledge, how to care for, handle and show miniature horses. Program includes showing miniature horses at the monthly Magnificent Miniatures' Fun Show. Through the process kids will build on character skills such as respect, responsibility, dependability, communication, caring, teamwork and more. Participants will gain confidence and an improved sense of self-worth.

    For kids struggling with emotional, social or behavioral challenges.

    This program is designed to help kids develop emotional strength, character and relationship skills that will help them navigate life's many challenges.

  • Individual Equine Assisted Learning
    Individual Equine Assisted Learning

    Equine assisted learning is an experiential learning approach which promotes the development of life skills. This focus on life skills can be related to academic achievement and classroom behavior, personal growth and exploration or professional pursuits such as leadership development, team building and executive coaching.

  • School-Based Character Development Programs
    School-Based Character Development Programs

    At Hope thru Hooves, we educate with horses! Our programs utilize a strength based teaching approach designed to accommodate students of all learning styles. Students have the opportunity to experience and practice the character skills that will help them meet life’s challenges with integrity. Students participate in activities designed to meet not only a specific character skill but also meet a corresponding state standard. The learning by doing enables the students to transfer these skills into their everyday life.

    Why Teach Character?

    Most families and educators do not need to be convinced of the need to teach character education. Twenty years ago most schools wondered how they would deal with student’s chewing gum or skipping a class. But today, parents and teachers have serious problems: disrespect for authority, violence at school, teen pregnancy, bullying, drugs and students failing in the education process. These are just a few of the reasons why more and more parents and educators are taking a fresh look at how to build character. The challenge is how to teach character education when there are so many other demands on busy schedules.

    Our Approach is Experiential Learning

    We utilize a unique curriculum that teaches life skills and incorporates Academic Standards and the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets. The learning process is brought to life by utilizing the farm environment and horses as the motivation. The students are engaged in planning, implementing and processing unique activities that provide the opportunity to demonstrate planning, problem solving, communication and many other life skills. Experiential learning creates an environment that engages and supports many different learning styles and can be especially effective for those students who have difficulty in a traditional learning situation.

    Equine Interactive Learning at Hope thru Hooves

    Our well trained staff engages students while teaching valuable skills that result in better life choices. Students participate in non-riding activities partnered with horses. These activities are designed to address the necessary skills that the students need to incorporate into their lives to make better choices and have positive outcomes including:

    Create an excitement about learning
    Improve attitudes and willingness to learn
    Build life skills such as respect, responsibility, integrity
    Communicate more effectively
    Develop problem solving skills
    Increases self-worth and value
    Demonstrate positive behaviors

    Bring this successful character education program to your school, organization or family. Contact us to schedule a consultation and we will custom design a program to meet your specific needs!

  • Corporate/Organization Teambuilding
  • Herd of Hope thru Him is an Equine Assisted Bible Study, using "Salvaging My Identity". It is designed to help tween and teen girls find their identity in Christ while studying what the Bible says about the tough topics girls face today.

    Topics include: Identity, Reputation, Realness, Self-Control, Strength, Peace, Devotion, and Excitement

    This program runs 8 weeks for two hours per week.

  • Caballos 4 Character is a 10 week program that teaches essential character skills to kids 8-11.
    Topics covered include:
    Rules & Respect
    Decision Making

  • Colts & Fillies is an Equine Assisted Learning program to develop emotional awareness in children 5-7.
    Topics include:

  • Risky Remuda is an 10-week Equine Assisted Learning program, designed to teach at risk youth how to make healthy choices and to understand the consequences of their behavior.
    Topics covered include:
    Problem Solving
    Obstacles & Distractions

Coming Soon!

  • Faith Based Empowerment Program for Women
  • Parenting Programs
  • Faith Based Horse Camp